Removing headings, WP plugins and

You will notice that I have the title of each page on my site is repeated at the top of the page. This doesn’t look great in my opinion.

At first, I tried to look for a way of removing this via the WordPress toolbar on the left hand side. No luck. Following some googling I found that I could add the following code to my page to remove the heading:

.entry-title {

However this code needed to be entered in the theme / style editor. I didn’t want to pay to access CSS at this point in the website development so I had a look at other options.

More googling revealed that it is possible to use a WP plugin to remove the headings. I found this one called Hide title plugin

However in order to enable WordPress plugins you need to use not is a free to download platform but requires you to pay for your own hosting. This Article and infographic compares the two.

So in conclusion I have decided to put up with the headings at the top of each page until I decide that its worth me purchasing a hosting package at which point I will most likely migrate over to If you have a site you want to migrate this website has an easy to use guide.



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