Choosing a theme

The first aspect of my personal website I am working on is the “theme”. There are several currently 220 free themes listed on WordPress that offer a variety of styles in terms of layout, font and colour scheme. All of these features of course customisable. I have been deciding between two / three different themes and have changed between them over the course of a day. The first theme I chose was “Reddle” as you can see below:

Reddle wordpress theme

Reddle theme

Its a professional looking theme however I decided I wanted something a bit sleeker and brighter. Therefore I have decided upon the “Nucleare” theme which has the same layout, but I have also added a sidebar and widgets. This theme template offers a slighter wider blog post area which is useful for accommodating images.

I would recommend trying out different themes until you find one that suits. I’m imagining that I as write more blog posts and add more features I may want to change my “theme” but until then I’m going stick with “Nucleare”

Key tip for WordPress themes – when you add an image, as I have done in this post, WP likes to add this as a Featured Image as well. If you don’t want to duplicate you can remove this Featured Image by using the toolbar on the left when you edit the post.


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