Removing headings, WP plugins and

You will notice that I have the title of each page on my site is repeated at the top of the page. This doesn’t look great in my opinion.

At first, I tried to look for a way of removing this via the WordPress toolbar on the left hand side. No luck. Following some googling I found that I could add the following code to my page to remove the heading:

.entry-title {

However this code needed to be entered in the theme / style editor. I didn’t want to pay to access CSS at this point in the website development so I had a look at other options.

More googling revealed that it is possible to use a WP plugin to remove the headings. I found this one called Hide title plugin

However in order to enable WordPress plugins you need to use not is a free to download platform but requires you to pay for your own hosting. This Article and infographic compares the two.

So in conclusion I have decided to put up with the headings at the top of each page until I decide that its worth me purchasing a hosting package at which point I will most likely migrate over to If you have a site you want to migrate this website has an easy to use guide.



Choosing a theme

The first aspect of my personal website I am working on is the “theme”. There are several currently 220 free themes listed on WordPress that offer a variety of styles in terms of layout, font and colour scheme. All of these features of course customisable. I have been deciding between two / three different themes and have changed between them over the course of a day. The first theme I chose was “Reddle” as you can see below:

Reddle wordpress theme

Reddle theme

Its a professional looking theme however I decided I wanted something a bit sleeker and brighter. Therefore I have decided upon the “Nucleare” theme which has the same layout, but I have also added a sidebar and widgets. This theme template offers a slighter wider blog post area which is useful for accommodating images.

I would recommend trying out different themes until you find one that suits. I’m imagining that I as write more blog posts and add more features I may want to change my “theme” but until then I’m going stick with “Nucleare”

Key tip for WordPress themes – when you add an image, as I have done in this post, WP likes to add this as a Featured Image as well. If you don’t want to duplicate you can remove this Featured Image by using the toolbar on the left when you edit the post.

The beginning..

Welcome to my blog. The purpose of this blog is to document my journey to fulfil my ambition to make a career switch from town / transport planning to marketing. This website will act as a personal CV where potential employers can see my experience, skills and examples of my work.




Through this blog I will document how I will develop my skills and will undertake projects that will develop my experience. I intend to pursue projects that include: learning HTML and wordpress (to develop this website), working on other people’s websites, social media campaigns, developing marketing plans and generally pursuing my interests in order to create opportunities and possibilities to make the switch to a interesting and successful marketing career.